Two new eBooks, We’re Only Human! and Pioneers of the Dargo High Plains, were included in September 2015.



I often felt frustrated by my inability to share the depth of my feelings for the wonder of life, love and Nature. Now, aged 70, I have decided to collect material I produced over the years and put it on this site in the hope we may share something. I also hope the experience will give you entertaining insights into aspects of a region in south-eastern Australia called Gippsland.

The contents include original and traditional stories, yarns, songs, humour, bush verse, folk heritage and scenery.

Prior to reading Tales From The Wonderment, which is only available on PDF, you may find it worthwhile reading the synopsis and viewing the video clips on the eBook page. The video Where The Freestone Flows will give more background information and shares some of ‘the wonders’.

Featured in the book are Archie and Edna Hair, a popular elderly couple who once lived a few kilometres downstream from where I had built a bush hut. One night, while I was sitting outside the hut waiting for my billy to boil, something happened that became the book’s catalyst.

The videos and CDs would not exist without the involvement of some wonderful people I have been fortunate to know.

Other material will be posted if it becomes available.
Brian O’Keefe, September 2014.

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A majority of the material on the video below can be experienced in various forms on this website




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“Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill

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